Healthy In Utah

Healthy In Utah:

● Wear a Mask;
○ The Center for Disease Control guidelines recommends wearing a mask to prevent the
potential spread of COVID-19.
○ Face coverings are recommended in all public settings and when around individuals
outside your household, especially when physical distancing is difficult
○ Tips for properly wearing your mask include:
■ Ensure your nose and mouth are fully covered
■ Ensure the covering fits snugly against your face without gaps
■ If your mask fits properly, you should not experience difficulty breathing while
wearing it
■ Your mask should feel secure and not slip once it’s on
● Maintain Physical Distance:
○ Physical distancing helps slow the spread of COVID-19
○ Safe physical distance is 6 feet apart
○ Avoid gathering in large groups when possible
● Stay Home If You’re Sick:
○ It’s crucial to stay home if you’re sick, to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19
○ People who are sick or have tested positive for COVID-19 should self isolate
○ Practicing quarantine and self-isolation should stop most, but not all, of the spread of
● Preventive Care and Wellness Checks:
○ It is important to complete regularly scheduled wellness checks and maintain
○ Preventive care helps Utahns maintain a high level of health and wellness
○ It is important to recognize that the pandemic has had a drastic impact on mental health
for individuals of all ages
○ Taking care of your mental health can be as essential as preventive care during this time
○ Primary care physicians can help with mental health resources
● Seek Medical Help in Urgent Situations:
○ Urgent care facilities and hospitals are still open and treating patients
○ Any Utahn in need of emergency medical care can feel safe to visit urgent care and
hospitals for help
● Immunizations and Flu Shots:
○ With flu season approaching, we encourage all Utahns to get a flu shot
○ Back-to-school vaccinations are available across the state.
● Healthy In Utah Campaign Notes:
○ Healthy In Utah reminds Utahns how to properly wear a mask, the importance of
staying home when you are sick, what it means to maintain physical distance, the
importance of seeking preventive care, the importance of back-to-school vaccines and
flu shots.
○ The campaign can be seen on billboards, TV, radio, social media, and digital media.
○ Healthy in Utah helps Utahns understand the importance of following local and Center
for Disease Control guidelines to help slow the spread of the coronavirus and to keep
Utahans safe.
○ The Healthy In Utah initiative reinforces and encourages Utahns to continue wearing
masks in public places, and reminds the community that wearing a mask is a benefit for
○ Healthy In Utah reminds Utahns to continue to seek medical care for non-coronavirus
related issues. This includes preventive care and mental health doctor’s visits.
○ By sharing mental health resources and tools, Healthy In Utah aims to educate Utahans
on the accessibility of help for those who may be suffering.
○ The Safe In Utah portion of the Healthy in Utah initiative provides opportunities for
businesses to receive funding to help supply PPE, implement workplace redesigns,
create additional signage, and implement new technology solutions for remote work so
businesses can comply with COVID-19 public health guidelines.