Red Cliffs Lodge

Stay close to home, don’t fly, drive to Red Cliffs.

Red Cliffs Lodge is safe, fun, and an inspiring destination in Covid life.
We comply with all health guidelines. The virus does not like the warmer
desert climate. We naturally self distance.
  • 110 Rooms on 240 acres.
  • Private entrance to all rooms – no public hallways.
  • Private outdoor patios with dividing walls.
  • Individual HVAC, no connecting ducts.
  • All rooms have kitchenettes, bring some food!
Restaurant and Bar
  • Full menu available for take-out.
  • Huge indoor/outdoor dining with lots of open space and fresh air.
  • Clean living a top priority.
  • Red Cliffs Lodge recently awarded the AAA “Very Best of Housekeeping” award.